…And out of nowhere… bubbles!

May 26, 2010

Last week I was in Romania for a short visit, and it so happened that when I ordered the tickets I was somewhere else. Because of my “spiritual” absence, I managed to order the worse possible tickets – 4.5 hours wait in Amsterdam. No time to get in the city properly but plenty of time to get bored.
While walking half-bored through the airport, I noticed some benches and next to one of them a power plug. So an idea struck – Let’s plug the laptop and have some Unity fun instead of letting boredom get the best of me. Now, I wanted to do something quick that will be finished before I board the plane, so why not bubbles.
You can see in the picture the result.

The “feature list” consists of: cube-mapped Fresnel reflections using Schlick’s approximation, chromatic aberation and vertex shader based wobbling.

You can download the Unity Package to play around with it at your own discretion.

Have fun.

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