At first there was nothing. 5 hours later, we had this. (v2.0)

December 31, 2009

It all started when I was showing off how fast is it to make a game with Unity. Next thing you know we started messing around and got this running. It only took like 2-3 hours to have the first level setup and playable. After some more polish it got to a stage when it could be shown to the world.

– It’s shiny πŸ™‚
– A lil bit of fun from the physics driven game play

There’s a lot to do still:
– more levels
– whatever our minds can conceive

So have fun, and stay tuned for updates πŸ˜‰

Oh, and Happy New Year everyone!

************ Change log ************

– 13 January 2010

* Added another level ! Yay!
* Now you can rotate the camera by pressing space; it rotates in 90 degrees incrementst

– 02 January 2010.

* Added score GUI
* Added sound effects
* Added background music
* Added prizes
* Added camera collision in case the ball becomes occluded
* Added a background skybox made by Danielle.

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