A fresh start

November 3, 2009

Hi there!

I’ve decided to change my website from a “personal website” look into a bloggy looking thing. Lots of things happened lately so it makes sense (at least to me…) to reflect that in my website as well.
I’m not gonna dwell about what I did in the past and what not so let’s start with what’s changed: I’m working for Unity Technologies and so far it seems like it was an extremely good move.
I feel that my enthusiasm is rushing back in just like it was when I first got into the whole business, so that’s a great thing.

As for what you’re going to see here it’s mostly my ramblings about interesting things I came across… maybe in the beginning I’ll just flood with stuff that I know and I found and still find interesting or useful.

Ah, and before I forget about it: if the title didn’t gave it away, this blog is (mostly) about programming.

Have fun,

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