Rats racing super charged booster equiped sandals… how cool is that?!

November 21, 2009

So I guess you can figure it out yourselves how this whole idea started up… don’t really know how the sandals ended up on the table, but I know that one of my colleagues – Alexandra – placed the little plush mice inside them. From the angle i was standing it looked like they were racing, so .023 seconds later I thought Hey! Could you imagine a better way of accommodating yourself with Unity other than doing something crazy & fun? It could make a good FAFF project. So the next friday I started working on it.

I modeled the sandal and the boosters and I got the mouse & the room model from my friend Danielle.

The whole “project” took like 2-3 hours of work – without the modeling of course.
I don’t think I’ll continue working on it since I managed to remove some of the max scenes but that’s no problem. I already have lots of other ideas for crazy casual games that I’ll try out at some point.

An image speaks 1000 words they say… Wonder how many words to animated images speak… Without further ado, there you go:

W/S – forward / backward
Mouse – rotate
Space – jump.

This was moved to http://nervus.org/ratty/ratty.html

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