Teaching an old dog new tricks…

November 12, 2009


Today I’ve got a MacBookPro to be able to test some of the stuff I’m doing on the OSX version of Unity as well.
I’ve been using MacOS before when I’ve tried to see how Ableton Live works on it, but I never really try to use it for programming.
What can I say… XCode is really weird!
I’ve been using Microsoft IDEs since Visual C 6 or so. I’ve tried CodeWarrior, KDE’s KDevelop, CodeBlocks and all sorts of other obscure IDEs but nothing was so out-of-this-world as XCode. It sometimes feels like “either me, or him” so I hope it’ll be me who makes it out alive đŸ™‚
Ah did I mentioned that I only had it for like 8 hours or so? At least it frustrates quick…

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